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- Set up the blanket at the bottom of the waterway

- Align the arrows in the direction you wish to unroll (point the arrows up hill)

- Cut off the green plastic and discard

- Using the cables provided attach the un-roller to the 4-wheeler

- Place approximately 5-7 pins to secure the position

- Begin unrolling keeping the 4-wheeler in the center of the waterway at all times


- Use the Pounder to pin along black lines

For 16 ft. wide blankets there will be five lines and for 8 ft. blankets there will be three.

- Place one pin every square yard (approximately one pin per step)


- Slack will accumulate on the inside cable as the waterway begins to turn

- Pull the roll backwards so that both cables are tight and the blanket overlaps downhill

- Pin the overlapping flap and continue unrolling

It may be easier to cut and redirect the blanket for 90 degree turns.

•Starting a New Roll

- Place the new roll over the previous roll

- Overlap at least 3 feet

•Adjusting Width

- For Smaller Waterways: Cut rolls to desired size with a chainsaw

- For Larger Waterways: Place rolls side-by-side and overlap 6 in- 2 ft


- Leave approximately 1 ft of the blanket unpinned

- Dig a trench (6 in by 8in) to bury the end of the blanket

- Pin the blanket to the bottom of trench and re-fill in the trench with dirt

Rock pads: Clear a 6in by 8in trench, tuck the blanket under, and recover with rocks

Tip: The pins go in easier the more the ground is worked.     
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